From the Editor

Aug 2, 2022

As any animal trainer worth their salt will tell you, always end on a high note. No matter how short the training session, make sure you finish it before the animal gets bored, or tired, or distracted. Or before you do.

And ending on a high note is exactly what I’ve endeavored to achieve with this latest issue of BARKS, which will be my last as editor. Yes, after 8.5 years, 43 issues of BARKS from the Guild and 79 issues of BARKS News, it’s time.

So I want to take a moment to thank all the amazing writers who have, over the years, so generously and loyally submitted their contributions both to the magazine and to the BARKS Blog, who have shared their experiences and expertise, who (very important!) have respected the editorial deadlines, and worked collaboratively with me to make sure that BARKS remains a valuable educational addition to any pet professional’s toolbox.

It’s all about sharing the knowledge – and I’ve always been a firm believer that everyone has a tale to tell. The incredible variety of topics we have covered over the years most certainly reflects that.

Thank you too to all the readers who have supported me and BARKS along the way, provided helpful feedback, liked and shared our posts on social media, and enjoyed our content.

This, issue #55, the July/August 2022 edition, has a wide range of articles, as always, covering the fields of canine and feline behavior, training, shelter and rescue (please please if you can, read about and support the incredible work staff and volunteers are doing in Ukraine to help the animals left behind), business and consulting, and advocacy, as well as a brand new book review and our regular Pet Professional Guild member profile feature.

We no longer have a Contents page but here’s a quick list for easy access:

Cover Feature: Examining Training Methods by Susan Nilson and Niki Tudge

Rescue: Help the Animals in Ukraine – Inspiring Fundraiser Update by Dr. Marina Bayeva

Interview: A Beautiful Life with a Visually Impaired Dog by Angelica Steinker and Susan Nilson

Canine: Ensuring Quality of Life for Blind Dogs by Deb Bauer

Training: Understanding Livestock Guardian Dogs by Erin Williams

Training: The Many Benefits of Using a Therapy Dog in Speech Language Pathology by Dr. Jane Remington-Gurney

Training: Just Say No to Saying “NO!” by Karen Baragona

Training: What If My Dog Doesn’t Like You? by Gail Radtke

Training: Naughty Dog Syndrome? Say What?! by Anna Bradley

Training: Front Door Freakout by Karen Baragona

 Feline: Hunting the Elusive Red Dot by Andrea Carne

Equine: Exploring Uncomfortable Truths by Melanie Watson

Business: Ask the Experts: Children and Dog Training by Veronica Boutelle

Book Review: Setting Your Dog Up for Success by Katherine Porter

Profile: Why We Should Give Our Cats Choices featuring Andrea Carne of Cattitude in Cradoc, Tasmania


If you want to download PDFs of individual articles to print and read later, you can find instructions on how to do so here.

Keep up the good work and keep on helping those animals and their owners – they surely need you!

Or, as Garrison Keillor once wrote, “Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.”

Susan Nilson – Editor, BARKS from the Guild