It’s Not Painful. It’s Not Scary. It Just Gets the Dog’s Attention!

Some dog trainers who use tools such as shock, prong, or slip collars, or startle the dog with thrown objects or loud noises, claim that these things are done only to “get the dog’s attention.” They may further insist that the dog is not ...

How Long Will I Have To Treat My Dog?

By Fran Berry, CPDT-KA Of all the questions I receive, “How long will I have to treat my dog?”  tops the list! It seems that some humans are resistant to give their dogs “treats” during training; their opinions run the gamut of “Dogs should ...

Pet Loss and Grieving

In my opinion, the only downside to having a dog is the brevity of their life span.  Recently, I said good bye to my canine friend of 15 years, Dale. Dale had a good long life for a large dog, but it was still too short to me. I will be ...

Pet Professional Guild Celebrates National Mutt Day with Mutts Gallery; Poignant Tales of Rescue

Tampa, FL – The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) is celebrating National Mutt Day with the creation of its very own 

Be Brave – Take a Stand, Move Shock Off The Table!

by Niki Tudge   For a force-free trainer, shock collars are off the table. There is never a need or time when considering using one would be acceptable. Why? An effective pet dog training program is one component of your dog’s ...

What Does “Aggressive” Look Like Anyway?

I was recently looking for photos of dogs displaying “aggressive behavior” for an article in BARKS from the Guild, the quarterly publication produced by the ...

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