Why Would We Want to Be Pack Leaders?

Choke, prong and shock collars can irreversibly damage your dog.

by Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM

The PPG Ethics Review Process

The Ethics Committee The ethics committee at The Pet Professional Guild consists of a committee Chair and three other PPG members. The key role of the Ethics Committee is to investigate all reported ethics violations. Your Pet ...

The PPG Position Statement On Reality Dog Training

In recent years, much creditable scientific study has been given to dog training and behavior modification methods and their respective efficacy and consequences.  The preponderance of the evidence shown by these studies indicates that the ...

Choke and Prong Collars: Health Concerns Call for Equipment Change in Dog Training

By Angelica Steinker and Niki Tudge © 2012 Effective training procedures lay the foundation for an animal’s healthy socialization, capacity for learning and will help prevent behavior problems.  Since a wide variety ...

PPG World Services Podcast February 2014

Nando and Donna interview Victoria Stilwell and Pat Miller. February 2014 [youtube]

Take the Choke Out of Walking Your Dog!

by Niki Tudge

April is designated Pet First Aid Awareness Month™ so I started thinking about the things  that pet dog owners may be doing on a daily basis that could be risking the long term health of their dogs without ...

Coercion in Pet Dog Training Leads Dogs To a “Life of Quiet Desperation”

by Niki Tudge

Scientifically we all acknowledge that negative and positive reinforcement in the scientific sense can develop and strengthen ...

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