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PPG Summit 2020 Sessions: How Can We Ask Questions from Non-Verbal Animals? Methods to Behaviorally Assess Preference in Applied Settings

BARKS presents session details from PPG's 2020 Summit and Workshops in Phoenix, Arizona Session Details: Presenter: Dr. Alexandra Protopopova Read More

A Summary of the Keeping American Workers Paid and Employed Act

By Niki Tudge Below is a broad summary of the various types of assistance and relief the recently passed legislation may provide you and your business.  The situation is constantly changing so this summary is meant ...

Financial Management During Challenging Times

By Niki Tudge Keeping and maintaining accurate and timely business books is always an important function of owning your own business but this responsibility becomes especially critical during challenging times for ...

Self-Isolation? Don’t Forget the Furries!

What unprecedented and uncertain times we're in. I'm speaking from the viewpoint in the the UK but COVID-19, aka the coronavirus, is now sweeping the world.  Here in the UK, the situation changes daily as the ...

Feline Behavior Unmasked: Acting on Instinct

By Amy Martin  Q: My older cat does something frustrating while eating his food. He eats some of it, then tries to cover the rest of it with miscellaneous items nearby. Sometimes he even paws at the ground ...

COVID-19 and Pet Dogs

(Updated 3-16-20) Coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread rapidly around the world, and on March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a global pandemic, issuing

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