Being Social…..and Polite

I have seen many posts on social media recently by dog owners regarding 'out of control' dogs in public spaces. I don't recall this much of an outcry 3, 5 or way back 10 years ago, so is it really warranted? Or is it simply the case that now ...

Mentoring the Next Generation of Trainers

I entered the field of dog training late in life, following my initial career in law enforcement. When I consider the things which made that 30 year career successful a long line of teachers parade through my memory and make me smile.  They ...

Dog Play and Prediction Error

Dog play is comprised of “ritualized aggression”, and aggression is rooted in fear. In ritualized aggression, there are varying degrees of fear/stress/aversions, along the spectrum from slight stress to possibly full blown fear, that ...

Four Steps to a Thriving Group Class Program

By Veronica Boutelle of PPG corporate partner, dogbiz Do any of these group training class challenges sound familiar?
  • Students who tell you their ...

Case Study: Stress and Fights in a New Home Living with Another Dog

An elderly family member is no longer able to look after her dog, so her Cairn terrier Ben has gone to live with a couple and their dog Bonnie, a Labrador cocker spaniel mix. She’s small in size, no bigger than a cocker.

From 1 to 2…Smoothing the Transition

So you've decided after much decision and debate that another four-legged member will join your household.  It's definitely something that needs lots of careful consideration: A quick checklist to think about:

Hide My Deaf/Blind Dog Away?

By Debbie Bauer Here is my handsome, clever, fun-loving boy Vinny on our recent trip to Purina Farms.  This picture was taken at their Visitor Center and he is smiling, which is his ...

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