Dog Training: Why I Do It

By Joanne Ometz Eight people enter the room with five puppies. I encourage whole families to attend my puppy classes. “Let’s get everyone on the same page,” I have told them, so parents, kids, couples, and single ...

Portland Blog Competition: The Journey of a Crossover Trainer

By Nichola Marshall

This is going to sound like an Oscar acceptance speech and it kind of is because I feel like I have won something very special – a change of perspective. So before I start ...

Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Started Training Dogs – Gus, the Dominance Myth, An Alpha Roll, and a Damaged Relationship

By Don Hanson In a recent interview, I was asked a series of questions about how to choose a dog trainer. One of the questions was “What would you like to have known when you started training ...

The ‘Quick Fix’ – Not So Quick After All

In today's society, it seems everything has to happen 'now.'  Results are expected instantaneously and I think, sadly, this notion has to a certain extent worked it's way into how we think, feel, and live our lives with our dogs too.  Time is ...

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