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Case Study: Attack – The Best Form of Defense?

Just look at this dog! Isn’t she wonderful? Billie is a four-year-old Aylestone bulldog and her guardians have had her for six weeks. Previous to this she had been used as a breeding bitch and ended up in a shelter, so she probably didn’t have ...

The Comparison Curse

Owning a dog is a privilege, as is the opportunity to share our lives with them for 12, 15 years and, let's hope, longer still. During that time, think about all those battles and struggles you conquer together, what you achieve that, at ...

For The Curious 2 – Your Questions on Deaf, Blind Dogs Answered

By Debbie Bauer There were more great questions sent for my For The Curious series of posts!  Thank you to everyone who sent such great questions that people often have about blind/deaf dogs and double merles!

To Chase, or Not to Chase?

I live in the countryside on a 25 acre parcel surrounded by farmland. We developed our property to support wildlife. Needless to say there are critters of all kinds and in all directions. My dogs love it as much as I do. The major difference ...

Case Study: Separation Distress, Insecurity and Panic When Away from His Owner

Darcy watches his lady owner all the time. When she’s out of sight he pants and he paces. Even when left at home with his male owner, he whines and stresses. Separation specifically and only from the lady owner freaks him out. Strangely, he ...

Case Study: Barks Aggressively at Dogs, Counterconditioning, Changing Emotions

On walks, Daniel the Deerhound Lurcher barks aggressively at other dogs. At home, he is a well-behaved, quite self-contained but friendly boy, four years of age. The owner has had him for two years.

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