Litter Box Victory

By Jennifer Van Valkenburg In this post, I am going to talk about a very basic feline need – going to the litter box. Cat owners may wonder, when there is a perfectly good litter box, why does their cat think it is ...

Portland Blog Competition: Aggression by Any Other Name

By Stephanie Peters “Help, my dog is aggressive!” This is often the first thing that I hear from potential clients when they contact me for a training or behavior consultation. They may be troubled by certain ...

Spice Up Your Walks!

Long explorations in the country, splashing around in the sea, trekking up hills, they're the reasons we love having our dogs and enjoy their companionship.  From time to time though, sometimes things become just a little bit 'samey'! We can ...

For The Curious – Your Questions on Deaf, Blind Dogs Answered

By Debbie Bauer
Thank you to everyone who contributed questions and wonderings for this blog post, and for what will probably be several more to come!  (I received a lot of questions!)  Here are a few to get you ...

Portland Blog Competition: Lessons from Bogie

By Shannon Finch  I want to warn you at the outset, Bogie's story doesn't have a happy ending. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong for this dog, with mistakes compounded by more mistakes. It's been over 15 ...

Halloween and Pet Welfare

I confess that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I enjoy the creative costumes, haunted house attractions and horror films.  For me, the creepy nature of the holiday is fun. Behaviorally healthy dogs may accept Halloween activities like ...

A Lure By Any Name is Still a Lure

By Yvette Van Veen

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