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An Open Letter To Pet Retailers Concerning The Availability of Pet Training and Management Devices That Deliver Electric Shock

Cold Weather House Training

By Kelly Fahey This winter I have been getting some inquiries about puppies "backsliding" in their house training. First, let me put your minds at ease and let you know that there is likely nothing wrong with your ...

Clicker Training for Cats (2/6)

By Paula Garber and Francine Miller In clicker training, primary reinforcers are things that are instinctively or inherently rewarding to a cat. Reinforcers for cats should be given in small amounts and frequently ...

Counterconditioning Leash Reactivity, the Hybrid Approach

Leash reactivity towards dogs, humans or traffic, is one of the most challenging training endeavors. This is simply because there is no consistency in the appearance of the stimuli, and there will most assuredly be at some point, an over ...

Separation anxiety: 7 reasons why you need to have strong support

By Julie Naismith

Does Your Training Language Potentially Compromise Your Credibility With the Medical Community?

The words we choose to use in our training and behavior change sessions and written client plans impact the way we are perceived. Our words Impact our credibility and thus our ability to work alongside our peers and our industry partners, ...

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