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An Open Letter To Pet Owners About The Pet Professional Guild’s Shock-Free Coalition

How Cats Play

By Beth Adelman Playing with your cat is not just fun and games. Play relieves boredom and stress, and can even help control behavior problems. In fact, a wide variety of feline behavior problems, from aggression to ...

Pet Professional Guild celebrates launch of Shock-Free Coalition with week of events, summit ticket giveaway

Successful first week for global initiative that seeks elimination of electric shock devices in animal training, consumer transparency for pet guardians seeking professional advice

Pet Professional Guild launches Shock-Free Coalition to end use of electric shock as training tool for pets

Initiative calls for the worldwide elimination of shock devices in animal training, care, management, and behavior modification; seeks consumer transparency for pet owners seeking professional advice

Ping Pong Recalls

When I ask new puppy owners 'what are the most important objectives for you and your new pup?' you can bet that right at the very top of that list is 'I want to be able to let my dog off lead and for her to come back when called!' I think ...

Using Annoying or Scary Sounds for Dog Training

Let’s pretend you saw an ad for a new dog training product. It read something like this:
Introducing the Noise-Aided Obedience Device (NOD)! Never have trouble with your dog again. When you jerk or flap the lead attached to your ...

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