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News Release: Pet Professional Guild debuts event app for 2017 Orlando summit

App will provide convention attendees with an easily accessible and up-to-date interactive experience Read More

Do Dogs Use Tools?

More than fifty years ago, Jane Goodall made a discovery that shook some scientists — particularly those that had long lists of all the things that made humans unique and superior to nonhumans. She saw Chimpanzees using tools. Since then, ...

Food – Just Cupboard Love?

The Power of Motivation

As a behaviour consultant meeting with clients who are seeking to alter their dog's behaviour, I am always asking owners to think about their dog's motivation - what is it for that individual dog that will ...

Expectations, Disappointment And Opportunities

When we get a puppy or a rescue dog, as a first time or an experienced dog owner or as a competitor in a dog sport, we have certain expectations. We hope for the perfect companion or the perfect agility dog. Depending on our level of ...

If You’re Loving It, Why Leave?

Is “choice” a code word for negative reinforcement? It can be. Seems like that’s the context where I see it pop up the most. I’ve written a lot about choice. Two of my major points are:

Dog Food Safety Recalls

Pet food safety is a big deal to me, and to my dogs. As my dog’s best advocate I want to know what is in the bag and whether it will harm my dogs. I would like to believe I can depend upon news media to inform me of safety recalls in pet ...

What To Do If You Find a Lost Pet

What To Do If You Find a Lost Dog or Cat Have you ever been out and about and found a lost dog or cat? I'm sure if you have, your heart started to race thinking about how you would feel if your pet was lost. I just can't ...

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