Introducing a Puppy or Adult Dog to a Crate

If trained properly, dogs do not see crates as ‘cages’, more as their bed, a safe place where they can go for some peace and quiet. Crate training is useful to owners as it prevents chewing, discourages toileting (most dogs will not soil their ...

Real Food for Your Cat

It's food, folks. It doesn't have to be “people food,” it's REAL food. I'm not sure how people got into this people vs. pet food mindset. When feeding our beloved pets, including our cats, for optimal health and behavior, a fresh, wholesome ...

Just Say “Agh, Agh!”

By Brad Waggoner CPTD CTP-KPA In a group class the other day, I witnessed a couple constantly using the vaguely buzzer-like noise “Agh! Agh!” with their dog in a harsh tone of voice. What they were attempting to do ...

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