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Real Food for Your Cat

It's food, folks. It doesn't have to be “people food,” it's REAL food. I'm not sure how people got into this people vs. pet food mindset. When feeding our beloved pets, including our cats, for optimal health and behavior, a fresh, wholesome ...

Just Say “Agh, Agh!”

By Brad Waggoner CPTD CTP-KPA In a group class the other day, I witnessed a couple constantly using the vaguely buzzer-like noise “Agh! Agh!” with their dog in a harsh tone of voice. What they were attempting to do ...

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

What Makes a ‘Good Dog’ and Do Current Dog Training Classes Teach these Skills?

I define a ‘good’ dog as a dog who is considered part of the family, can stay home alone if necessary but goes places if possible, lives in the house, goes on holidays, gets enough mental and physical stimulation, is ‘cool, calm and collected’ ...

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