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A Puppy Owner’s Short Guide to Chewing

Chewing is natural, it helps to clean teeth and relieve stress. Puppies need to chew, but they also need to learn what to chew. Safe chew toys: Kongs, chew toys designed for dogs Not safe chew toys: Furniture, small ...

The Conscious Equestrian – Extinguishing Force From the Rider’s Repertoire

By Sara Richter

Report from the Pet Professional Guild 4-Day Pet Care Technician Certification Program Workshop

Professional Pet Care requires knowledge, skills, individual competency and a high level of responsibility. I recently had the pleasure of attending and presenting at a 4-day workshop designed to do just that.  In this blog post, I am going ...

See the Dog in Front of You

Anyone who has had more than one dog in their life has probably fallen into the pitfall of living many years with their “perfect” dog and then suffering a devastating loss. When another dog eventually enters our life we compare, looking at the ...

Declawing Can Cause Behavioral and Emotional Changes in Cats

By Bridget Lehet CAFTP CFTBS Take a moment and look at the world through a cat’s eyes. He is removed from his safe, warm, and familiar home and taken to the veterinarian's office where he gets poked with a needle. ...

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