Why Do Dogs Eat Toilet Paper and Paper Products?

I am often asked why dogs eat toilet paper.  I would estimate that in every group dog training class I teach, it's asked at least once during the course. And during that inquiry, more than one person's dog eats toilet paper or paper towels, ...

More Than Training; Examining both Parts of the Relationship

When we’re called out to training and behavior consultations it’s so easy to get completely focused on the animal in front of us. Swept along in the human client's description of what is going on but, what about the perspective of the animal ...

The Dog Decides

“The dog decides what is reinforcing.” Positive reinforcement trainers frequently say that to their human students.  What they mean is that people can easily be mistaken about whether something constitutes reinforcement. For ...

Look at the Whole Dog

In a class I’m teaching on dog communication, we recently discussed a study on how well people interpret dog body language. The study,

Compulsivity and the Dog

Since humans are unable to ascertain the aspect of a disorder in an animal that deals with obsessing, animals are not generally given the diagnosis of OCD. However, it is completely possible that a pet can have a compulsive ...

The “Choice” Challenge

Thanks to Debbie Jacobs and Randi Rossman for their input on this topic. Any weird conclusions are mine alone. I have come to believe that most of us who thought we were using “choice” as a reinforcer were mistaken. Wait! Before you ...

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