Teaching the TrickMeister Way!

How important is it to teach your canine companion what you would like them to do? I believe it is extremely important but what is even more essential is that you teach in a way that doesn't cause any stress; that you teach in a way that is ...

Just Say No to Saying No

“Can I say no to my dog?” is a question I often hear from new clients. My short answer is “Yes, you can use any word or sound you please in training.” Pavlov proved that long ago. The problem is in the way dog owners use “no” and whether it ...

Stress-Free Dog Brushing

Brushing your dog on a daily basis has many benefits.   Grooming or brushing your dog is more than just keeping his appearance spiffy. Brushing your dog's coat every day not only keeps it free of debris but free of mats that can pinch your ...

Interpreting Feline Non-Verbal Communication

Jane Ehrlich examines the basics of feline body language. This article was first ...

Cats in Conflict

Jane Ehrlich examines some of the many types of feline aggression, one of the most common behavior problems in cats, and tries to shed some light on this complex issue. This

#PPGSummit 2015: The Future Is Now

At times, with all the cruelty and destruction in the world, it can seem disheartening for pet professionals who are trying to make a stand for animals, to be their voice and ensure they get the best care possible and are never subjected to ...

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