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To Prompt or to Reinforce

Click – treat, click – treat, click – treat. As trainers, we all know what is going on here; someone is conditioning a clicker. But the lines can get blurred from here. First we click and treat until the animal alerts to the click. Then we ...

Teaching Your Dog to Eliminate on Cue

Teaching your dog how to eliminate on cue (when asked) can be very helpful. I often

Teaching Your Dog to Be Alone

Dogs are naturally social, enjoying the company of other dogs and people. As a result, when you leave them, they may panic that they are alone, or they can simply get bored. Even if you are there all the time, teaching your dog to accept ...

“Just” – Another Magic Word

Of course we all want well-behaved dogs. Come when called, walk happily on a loose lead, sit to be greeted rather than jump up on people, know when to stop barking. These are all things dog owners want their dogs ...

Pet Professional Guild Launches Worldwide Advocacy Program

Project Trade encourages pet owners to exchange aversive training devices for discounted force-free training services provided by PPG members Tampa, FL – The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) has launched

10 Steps for a Happy Office Dog

By Chantal Hughes We know there is a link between happiness in the workplace and increased productivity. And now, findings from

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