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Are You Suffering From Compassion Fatigue, Stress or Burnout? Three Tips That May Help You!

by Niki Tudge

Stress-Free Holidays with Your Dog

Easter is just around the corner and what could be better than taking the dog for a short or long break. There is really nothing like a holiday with your four-legged best friend. However to have a stress free time, planning and preparation ...

Professional Competency, Transparency and Accountability. Have You Got What It Takes?

Written by Niki Tudge There is much chatter within the pet industry about transparency, competency and accountability amongst professionals.  So let’s look at each of these individually and what they mean.  

Force-Free: Are You Getting the Correct Message Across?

Recently I learned of a trainer whose specialty is working with hunting dogs. For the purpose of this blog I will call him Bob, mostly because I like that name, and I like the trainer. The majority of hunting dog trainers use traditional ...

The Top 7 Reasons You Absolutely Cannot Miss The Pet Professional Guild’s Annual Educational Summit

The Top 7 Read More

Why Do Dogs Eat Toilet Paper and Paper Products?

I am often asked why dogs eat toilet paper.  I would estimate that in every group dog training class I teach, it's asked at least once during the course. And during that inquiry, more than one person's dog eats toilet paper or paper towels, ...

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