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BARKS Podcast with the PPG Advocacy Panel: Discussion #10 – Recognizing Microaggressions

BARKS Podcast with the PPG Advocacy Panel: Discussion #10 – Recognizing Microaggressions

Recognizing Microaggressions So They Can Be Managed and Avoided

  Join the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) Advocacy Panel for a discussion on ...

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BARKS Podcast with Jane Bowers: October 2, 2018

Guest: Jane Bowers of Dogs of Distinction Canine Training in Vancouver, British Columbia. Topic: Bowers' article in BARKS, Reducing Conflict, and Assessing and Interpreting Dog Behaviour, a training course hosted by the Canadian Police ...

BARKS Podcast with Morag Heirs: September 11, 2018

Guest: Morag Heirs of Well Connected Canine; PhD, MSc, MA(hons)(SocSci), PGCAP, Accredited Talking Dogs Scentwork trainer, and TD Rally Judge. Topics: Heirs' article in BARKS, Fast and Furious, that discusses training deaf dogs to participate ...

BARKS Podcast with David Shade – August 1, 2018

Guest: David Shade of At Attention Dog Training; United States military veteran. Topics: Shade's articles in BARKS, The Best I Can Be and Lulu's Lottery: Life Lessons from a Boxer, that detail his journey, which started out using aversive ...

BARKS Podcast “Let’s Opinionate” with Veronica Boutelle & Gina Phairas – July 19, 2018

Guests: Veronica Boutelle & Gina Phairas of PPG Corporate Partner dogbiz. Topics: Would you like some tips on how to successfully grow your business? Get some tips from the experts at dogbiz! Listen here. Subscribe to BARKS Podcasts on ...

BARKS Podcast with Dr. Lynn Bahr – July 10, 2018

Guest: PPG Cat Committee, PPG Summit presenter, and founder of Dezi & Roo, Dr. Lynn Bahr. Topics: Dr. Bahr's recent PPG blog post, Why Every Cat Needs a Place to Hide and her article in BARKS, Pain Underlying, in which she discusses the ...

BARKS Podcast with Sam Redmond, and Pam & Miranda Mahar – June 20, 2018

Guests: PPGBI Steering Committee member, Sam Redmond and PPG Corporate Partners, Pam and Miranda Mahar of 4Legs4Pets. Topics: Sam discusses her work with wolfdog breeders and animals of different content levels and what professionals can ...

2018 Podcasts

Let's Opinionate - The Podcast for March 14th, 2018 with Veronica Boutelle Stimulating some new thoughts and giving our neurons some new tasks to promote their survival! Veronica Boutelle, the founder of business consultancy dog*tec, joins PPG ...

2017 Podcasts

The Podcast for December 20th with Lara Joseph Owner of The Animal Behavior Center, Lara Joseph, joins us to chat about her upcoming workshops at the PPG Behavior and Training Workshop at Best Friends: Building a Trusting Foundation and Target ...

2016 Podcasts

  The Pet Professional Guild BARKS  Podcasts 2016 Subscribe to the full PPG World Service Show Playlist on YouTube here The Podcast for December 4th with Victoria Stilwell and Janis Bradley Victoria Stilwell was in the house to tell us ...