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Niki Tudge

Niki Tudge is a certified dog trainer and dog behavior consultant. In addition to an MBA and business degrees from Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom, she is also a qualified corporate leadership coach and trainer and holds the prestigious Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. Her professional credentials include professional canine behavior consultant – accredited with the Pet Professional Accreditation Board, and professional dog trainer and professional dog behavior consultant with the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals. She also has a diploma in animal behavior technology and a diploma in canine behavior science and technology, and is an accomplished people trainer. She holds credentials such as HCITB TS1, TS2 and TS3, is a certified team facilitator and project manager, and has authored four books: People Training Skills for Pet Professionals and Get Coaching Now, Training Big for Small Businesses and a Kids’ Comprehensive Gide to Speaking Dog!. In addition, Niki has published many articles on dog training and dog behavior and her pet dog training businesses have been featured in many publications, including The New York Times. Niki is the founder and president of the Pet Professional Guild, DogNostics Career Center, The DogSmith, and is president of Doggone Safe.

Louise Stapleton-Frappell

Louise Stapleton-Frappell is membership manager of the Pet Professional Guild British Isles, a Pet Professional Guild steering committee and education committee member who also sits on the board of directors, a partner and faculty member of DogNostics Career Center, and regional coordinator of Doggone Safe in Spain. She was one of the first 20 people worldwide to become a professional canine trainer – accredited, and is also a professional canine behavior consultant – accredited, both through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board. Louise is a certified trick dog instructor and shares her passion for tricks with her dog, Jambo, who, at the age of just 16 months, became the first Staffordshire bull terrier ever to become a trick dog champion. Louise gained her CAP3 with distinction and holds verified certification in animal behavior and welfare (Edinburgh University) and dog emotion and cognition (Duke University). Louise is the creator of the DogNostics’ Dog Trainer Certificate Program , a unique program aimed at increasing the knowledge and training skills of dog guardians and pet professionals. She has presented at conferences internationally and has gained a reputation for expertly teaching and training humans and canines at her own establishment, The DogSmith of Estepona, in southern Spain.