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A Stronger Partnership

A Stronger Partnership

To celebrate the recent launch of PPG’s Horses with Voices initiative, Kathie Gregory discusses how we can give our horses a voice, as well as build confidence and resilience, through motivation
The Right Choice

The Right Choice

Anna Bradley discusses learning environments for puppies, explaining why classes may not be the best option for all puppies and why one-to-one training can be far more beneficial – depending on the dog

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The Top Ten New Simple Solutions to Help You and Your Dog in the New Year

Helping Pet Dog Guardians Get It Right! Did you know that good management is an essential part of any training or behavioral change plan?  In fact, management is an important part of your dog's life, in the same way that it's important to ...

Teaching Your Dog to Self-Interrupt

By Eileen Anderson Here is something I taught with positive reinforcement that enhances Clara’s life and mine. I’ve taught her to respond positively to being interrupted, and even to interrupt herself. This trained behavior helps us get ...

A Little Doggy “Me Time” this Holiday Season!

Okay, you've unwrapped the pressies, eaten the turkey, spent time with the family, watched endless hours of TV....what next? If you've got the luxury of some time off, why not use the festive period to spend a little more time with your dog, ...

A Cry for Attention

By Lara Joseph Foraging is defined as searching for food. From my observations, however, much more is involved than the mere hunt for food when a parrot carries out this behavior.  I am fascinated with watching birds forage because it has ...

The Problem with Shock

By Angelica Steinker It isn’t that shock collar training doesn’t work, because it does. The question is at what price? Some extremely skilled trainers may be able to offset some of the problems shock collars can cause. However, shock collars ...

PPG Summit 2020 Sessions: Do Scientists Really Know What They’re Talking About?  

BARKS presents session details from PPG's 2020 Summit and Workshops in Phoenix, Arizona *Early bird discount available if you register before January 31, 2020! Session Details: Presenter: Dr. Karolina Westlund Session Title: Do Scientists ...

Opinion: Puppies Are Poor Christmas Gifts

It may be tempting for parents to get a puppy for their kids as a special Christmas gift. We have probably all seen TV programs and holiday movies where that scene played out joyfully on screen. And there was always a happy ending. But ...

Personal Trainer or Dog Trainer? The Case for Day Training

By Veronica Boutelle of PPG corporate partner, dogbiz Frustration over unfinished cases and low client compliance—endemic issues in our industry—often lead us to view clients as lazy, uncommitted, unskilled, uncaring, cheap. As positive ...