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Please Don’t Touch

Please Don’t Touch

Susan Claire shares a tale of nature versus nurture based on her experiences with Zia, whose reluctance to be touched led her to seek a behavioral consult to help snap her out of the training impasse she suddenly found herself in
Stuck in the Mud

Stuck in the Mud

By Lara Joseph Mini, pocket and teacup are all adjectives used to describe pigs and are specifically designed to impart a certain image to any potential pet pig owner. What might one think of when one hears the word "mini?" 'Something weighing under five pounds' might come to mind, or ...

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Living and Working with Deaf Dogs

By Morag Heirs Our canine companions are remarkably adaptable and, based on current thinking, this ability has allowed them to take advantage of the rubbish dumps created by primitive humans and shaped the transformation from wolf-like ...

“I Will Never Use the Shock Collar Again!”

By Eileen Anderson This is a story from a client of one of my professional trainer friends. Let’s call my friend “Phoebe.” My friend had met the client for some coaching for her young, exuberant dog, Raven. But it was a very long distance for ...

Perfect Dog? What You Put In Is What You Get Out

So many times people say to me - your dog must be perfectly behaved right? Well...yes, he responds very well to what I ask him to do in various situations, but it doesn't 'just happen.' It's not something that miraculously occurs - it takes ...

The Elephant on the Stairs

By Bob McMillan Positive training is not a new idea. With starts and stops over the last century, it has been used by empathetic individuals to bring out the best in their animal companions. A recent book, Elephant Company by Vicki ...

They Call Him Rocket Man

Dog trainers enjoy the privileged opportunity of influencing the life and welfare of other people’s pets. With that comes great responsibility to only use methods and equipment which are modern and effective, while promoting a positive ...

The Miracle Mutt

By Gail Radtke Changing your career in your 40s is nerve-wracking at the best of times but I was lucky enough to have a very special friend to inspire and guide me towards following my passion. That special someone was Lanie, a ...

The Power of the Clicker

By Donna Savoie Dickens’ family purchased him from a breeder when he was five months old. The breeder did not allow the family to see the entire litter nor the dam and sire before they took him, but brought him up a flight of stairs and ...

When Food Toys “Fail”

By Eileen Anderson How many of us have heard about food-toy failures from our friends and clients? “I tried the Kong with my puppy, but she didn’t like it,” or, “My dog is not smart enough for those puzzle toys!" There is an ever-increasing ...